They are not “cow protectors”

They are not “cow protectors”, they are murderers. They continue to exist because the ultimate agenda is to make Muslims feel that they don’t belong to this nation. Northeast states’ cows are not “mata” for them but UP, Rajasthan, MP and Gujrat’s cows can make them lynch a man, assault a man and then finally kill a man. Also, How many “dossiers” has centre received from each state on cow vigilantes? After all, it was Modi, who, in August last year, had asked states to “prepare dossiers on cow protectors”, had expressed his concern over “Nakli gau rakshaks” and had called them “anti-social”. But on contrary, Rajasthan’s Home Minister yesterday said “The cow protectors have done a good job by protecting cows from smuggling” – he probably meant – Murderers have done a good job by scaring innocent Muslims (and Dalits) and by making their families go through what they are going through.